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The teachers and parents of the next generation of inventors need some know-how too!

We will strive to include the ideal lessons and tips from the best educators we can find to pass along. These sections will be curated for educational content that promotes team work and fosters students of all ages to experiment during the smartphone VR revolution.

Students Design Sky 3D Printer Featuring Cable Suspension and Vertical Design for Remote Use by Bridget Butler Millsaps · December 18, 2014 And the evolution of the 3D printer continues… Imagine 3D printing on an even larger scale — in …

Students Design Sky 3D Printer Featuring Cable Suspension and Vertical Design for Remote Use Read More »

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Your source for Dive Games. Creating games for Dive is easy with our free Dive Tracking Unity Plugin, see the Dive SDK. Bubblecars by divegames Dive City Rollercoaster by divegames Dive Launcher by divegames Dive Unity Demo by divegames Dive …

Using The Unity3D Dive VR Game Engine Read More »

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Project VisoR is built on the idea of using computational transformations on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices to view the world in ways you never thought possible! Simulate and correct various forms of colorblindness. Live your life …

Fix Color Blindness Using Vision Hacker For Android Read More »

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Google turned its attention to virtual reality earlier this year with the launch of its Cardboard do-it-yourself VR viewer, and now it’s bringing functionality to Google Maps to support it. A new “easter egg” in Google Maps for Android allows Cardboard …

Google Earth VR Viewer Android How-To Read More »

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Augmented Reality – You are in the VR headset but you can see your hands represented using virtual keyboards or touchscreens. You need to have a viewer to enjoy this future but it looks amazing! Common tasking using mobile VR …

Augmented Reality aka Putting your hands into the virtual world Read More »

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NAME: Sheila-G’s Dragster CATEGORY: Motor Sports

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December 13, 2014 by Paul James [view original] Jaunt VR are seemingly working overtime to make up for their months running in stealth mode. A veritable flood of content is ushering forth from the company that’s specializing in producing and …

A Primer on 360 VR Video Read More »

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  Stacked up against high-cost and high-tech virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus, Google Cardboard — the company’s low-cost VR viewer, made out of actual cardboard — sounds a bit like a joke. But …

Let The Games Begin. Free Google VR Gaming Development System Released Read More »

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Google for Education!

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MOZVR.COM is an amazing resource. MozVR is an open lab, and is a VR website about VR websites. mozvr is a virtual reality website You will need a VR-enabled build of Firefox for Mac or PC, and an Oculus Rift …

Desktop VR For Classrooms or anywhere… MOZVR is AMAZING! Read More »

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