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The pure enjoyment end of the spectrum of websites and applications for mobile and desktops.

Augmented Reality – You are in the VR headset but you can see your hands represented using virtual keyboards or touchscreens. You need to have a viewer to enjoy this future but it looks amazing! Common tasking using mobile VR …

Augmented Reality aka Putting your hands into the virtual world Read More »

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NAME: Sheila-G’s Dragster CATEGORY: Motor Sports

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December 13, 2014 by Paul James [view original] Jaunt VR are seemingly working overtime to make up for their months running in stealth mode. A veritable flood of content is ushering forth from the company that’s specializing in producing and …

A Primer on 360 VR Video Read More »

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  Stacked up against high-cost and high-tech virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus, Google Cardboard — the company’s low-cost VR viewer, made out of actual cardboard — sounds a bit like a joke. But …

Let The Games Begin. Free Google VR Gaming Development System Released Read More »

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Google for Education!

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MOZVR.COM is an amazing resource. MozVR is an open lab, and is a VR website about VR websites. mozvr is a virtual reality website You will need a VR-enabled build of Firefox for Mac or PC, and an Oculus Rift …

Desktop VR For Classrooms or anywhere… MOZVR is AMAZING! Read More »

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These links take you to where the hobbyist, industry and innovators are going.  TEG silicon valley staffers will continuously update this list and other areas of the site.  We promote the use of our content for your site as well. …

Wonder where it is all going? Read More »

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Games, flight sims, movie players, and more, all great fits for your Google VR headset. Virtual reality experiences will happen on smartphones a device that’s already in your pocket. And we have now made it possible for people everywhere to …

Games, flight sims, movie players, and more, all great fits for your smartphone VR headset. Read More »

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